Every Tuesday evening, after Wonderful Wednesday blog hop goes live, and each Wednesday,  I constantly feature posts from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on my Facebook page , Twitter, and Google+. I will share as many as possible.  Be sure to follow or stop by and see if you have been featured.  Make sure you leave me a [...]

Are You Ready for Football?  Check out these two great appetizers from my guest blogger on behalf of Marie Callender's. I am excited to have a guest blogger today. This post, Cheesy Chicken Appetizers for Football Season, was written by Kristin K. on behalf of Marie Callender's®. Visit www.mariecallendersmeals.com to find products ranging from soups and small [...]

To me, Sunday's are for giving praise to God, spending time with your family, resting, and maybe catching up with some things you may not have had a chance to do. I like doing a RoundUp post on Sundays for people who do not have time to read my post during the week.  I notice [...]

In the south, we just love our Fried Apples.  We serve them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  Fried Apples are also a wonderful dessert as a topping on ice cream, cake, and waffles.  I fix spiced waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and fried apples as a delicious dessert.  YUM!  For breakfast, I make these simple spiced waffles using a [...]

If you follow my blog, you may know that my oldest daughter Carly is in medical school learning to be a doctor.  It is extra special when she has time to cook with me in the kitchen. When Carly is not studying, she enjoys cooking.  Even though it is rare to have Carly in the kitchen, I [...]