I make Chocolate Buttercream Frosting a lot to top cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and even brownies.   It is easy to make, extremely delicious, and the best part of the cake.  This time I decided to add a little heavy cream, 3 tablespoons, to make it a little lighter and fluffier.  It had the same great [...]

My son, Casey, is a senior this year and had his first football game last Friday night.  He has been playing football since the 7th grade at his high school.  Nothing is better than sitting in the stands on a cool crisp evening watching my son and his teammates/friends playing football.  Casey attends a Christian [...]

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop! Every Tuesday evening, after Wonderful Wednesday blog hop goes live, and each Wednesday,  I constantly feature posts from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on my Facebook page , Twitter, and Google+.  Please share this blog hop using the SHARE buttons at the top left.  I will share as many as possible.  Be [...]

If you are a cookie dough fan, you will love this cookie dough cupcake recipe.  These cupcakes have a surprise center filled with cookie dough.  I loved how easy these cupcakes were to make using a cake mix and refrigerated cookie dough.  This recipe called for a container of chocolate frosting that would have also [...]

You will find Everyday Recipes, Slow Cooker Recipes, and Cupcakes & Cookie Recipes in Gooseberry Patch Simple & Satisfying Cookbook.  Since I was cooking the pregame meal for my son's high school football team, I needed a couple of desserts to go with the meal I had planned.  This cookbook arrived in the perfect time. [...]