This Cheeseburger soup is a family favorite.  I truly make it often.  You can tell from the pictures below that I have made this tasty soup several times lately.   If your kids like Cheeseburgers, they will enjoy this soup.  It has all the ingredients of a great Cheeseburger, but it is a soup, which [...]

You will love these Orange Crescent Rolls.  They were such a hit at my house.  I recently saw a recipe for Orange Rolls from Southern Living Heirloom Recipe Cookbook.  These Crescent Rolls were made from scratch.  After baking them, they added this delicious Orange Glaze all over the Crescent Rolls.  They sounded amazing, but who has time [...]

I am so excited to offer ZipList's free service to everyone who visits Recipes for our Daily Bread.  ZipList allows you to save recipes and create a shopping list by adding the ingredients from recipes on my blog to your shopping list with just one click, or you can save recipes for future use. Many [...]

 I will share as many posts as possible every Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday.  Be sure to follow or stop by and see if you have been featured.  Make sure you leave me a blog comment with your link number.  I will visit your site and share your post.  Thank you so much for [...]

I found a recipe from Kellogg's Rice Krispies website for a Pumpkin Shaped Rice Krispy treat that I substituted Pumpkin Flavored Marshmallows and Toll House Pumpkin Spice Baking Chips, which I found at my local Walmart.  I substituted regular marshmallows for the pumpkin ones.  I also covered the pumpkins with the Pumpkin Spice Baking Chips I melted in [...]