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Caleb’s Story: Our Special Needs Son  Caleb has been through many struggles, but through it all continues to show an unconditional love that conquers all. 

Caleb – The first 3 months of life with a grade 4 brain bleed.
Caleb’s Comfort Cakes and Cookies-  Comfort foods are the foods that remind us of the way our home smelled when moma or grandma had our favorite goodies in the oven.  Caleb and I started baking cakes, cookies and candies together when he was just two years old.  I would sit him on the counter to help me bake.  He could not walk and did not remember many things but eventually memorized a pound cake recipe.  To click more about Caleb’s story and about his wonderful cakes and cookies and his love for baking. 

Following God’s Plan For Our Lives and Not Our Plan Takes Faith-  Most of the time God calls us to follow a plan that does not match up with what we think the plan for our lives should be.  To read about an experience where this happened in our lives, please visit

An Incredible Story of Love-  As you have probably read, my youngest two children were adopted from an orphanage.  Because they grew up without someone telling them what is right from what is wrong, their conscience did not develop like most of us.  This concept of Love is extremely difficult for them.  To read more about their story and the story of God’s great love for us, please visit

God Uses Every Experience to Mold Us Into the Person He Wants Us to Become  Just like a potter takes a piece of clay and shapes and molds it into a beautiful piece of art, God takes our lives and shapes and molds us into the person He wants us to become.  You may ask, what does God want us to become?  He wants us to become more like Him.

Hurricane Katrina was Another Opportunity to Trust God  Living in South Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina is an experience that none of us will ever forget.

 The Perfect Picture of what Surrender Means  It is clear in this scripture that Jesus wanted to do the will of God.  If the only way for people to go to heaven was for Jesus to die on the cross, He was willing to do it.


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