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Happy 18th Birthday Casey & Caleb

Happy 18th Birthday Casey & Caleb

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Wow! I have two more adults at my house! How is our family blessed so much by each of these Godly young men?Happy 18 Birthday

Casey and Caleb are now 18! It was so hard for me ever to imagine I would survive twin boys, especially with Caleb being in the hospital for so long and having so many brain surgeries. Casey and Caleb When Caleb was in the hospital at birth for three months, he had over 100 C.T. scans by the age of three months along with an unbelievable number of lab work.  He had no sleep schedule and was constantly being woke up. When Caleb was finally home, he would not only wake up every two hours, but he would also wake Casey up.  This meant I had two screaming babies awake all the time.  It was so hard for me to imagine that they would ever be 18 years old.   Now they are, I truly miss those special moments we had in the middle of all the chaos.  I hope this post is a reminder of just how fast kids grow up and how you truly need to treasure every minute even those extremely difficult times because one day they will be 18. Casey and Caleb  Casey and Caleb I am so proud of both Casey and Caleb.  Casey has always been an incredible example, helper, leader, and role model for his brothers and sisters, but especially for Caleb.  Caleb would try so hard to be just like his brother.  He even tried hard to climb into the dryer, walk, and do everything else Casey was doing. Casey, I hope you do not carry a heavy heart by being the twin that had no physical or mental problems.  God has and will use you greatly in Caleb’s life.  You are an amazing brother and Caleb would have never done as well as he has without you as a big brother.  You got in lots of trouble together, but more than anything you had lots of fun and encourage your brother to try everything.

Casey teaching Caleb how to get into the dryer.  Caleb could not walk, so Casey tried to pull him in.

Casey in Dryer Casey Collage 12 grade football program  Casey and Caleb  Casey and Caleb

Happy Birthday Casey!   You are an amazing young man who I will always be proud of and not because you…

  • have always been a great student and made all A’s
  • it is not because you are a wonderful baseball player
  • or a terrific football player

It is because you have a heart for God.  You genuinely care about other people and this makes you an amazing brother and son.   You are always humble in every situation.  God put you in our family so we could learn how to be more like Jesus by being Humble.

  • You admit when you are wrong and apologize which makes you a bigger man than most people will ever be.
  • You have always had a tender sweet, kind, heart which is why I love you so much.
  • You rarely get upset over anything.
  •  You always say does that issue really matter. Which is how we should all look at things.

I cannot wait to see where and how God will use you one day.   Get ready, because you are going to do amazing things in your future.  I pray you will always love God with all your heart, and your future wife will love God even more than she loves you.

Happy Birthday Caleb!  You are the person that shows our family how to love and forgive.

When you left the hospital 18 years ago, we were told you may not ever walk, talk, or be able to do much.  Oh, how they were wrong!  You have learned so much, but what is more important is everything you have taught our family. Casey and Caleb  Casey and Caleb SCAN0237

You can read more about Caleb’s story… Surrender Everything – Caleb Our Special Needs Son’s Story


Caleb baby

Caleb after one of his brain surgeries.  He has had 17 brain surgeries.

Untitled5-196x300[1] He rarely speaks but he shows love constantly.  God put you in our family so we could learn what is important to HIM.  He teaches us to Love God with all our hearts and Love each other.

  • Caleb always knows what is important in life.
  • Caleb always loves and shows love to our family.
  • Caleb is always full of hugs and kisses even when we may not want one.
  • Caleb will not let any of us get upset.

I honestly pray when I grow up God will allow me to be more like you one day.  I love and admire you so much!  Happy Birthday Chef Caleb to the best cook in the entire house.

Carly, Casey & Caleb

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How to fill up Teenagers Blessings Always, My SignatureIt is OK to use one of my photos but Please LINK BACK. I believe the secret to building stronger families that stick together, communicate more, and love each other is to cook together, eating around the table together, play together, vacation together, and share God’s love.



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16 Responses to Happy 18th Birthday Casey & Caleb

  1. Hi Diane,
    I love reading your family posts. Please wish Casey & Caleb a very Happy 18th. Birthday! I’m looking forward to reading future posts about them and the wonderful things God has planned for them and your whole family. When you mentioned Casey and referred to his future wife, I immediately thought wouldn’t he make a good couple with Joy Anna Duggar. I love watching their show 19 Kids and Counting. I believe Joy Anna is right around Casey’s age, loves the Lord, is from a great family like yours, both live in Arkansas….just a thought! Have a great day!
    Pat Adolph

    • Patricia,

      We really enjoy watching the Duggers too, especially Caleb. We would love to meet them one day. I love their pure hearts and how they honor God. It would be a great choice for Casey, maybe God will make their paths cross.

      Thanks for your kind words,
      Diane Roark

  2. Great post, we love you guys. Happy Birthday to two wonderful young men as they turn that majic 18 years old.

    • Don & Floy,

      Thanks for reading my post this morning. Jerry also wrote both Casey and Caleb a 5 page letter. We were all in tears this morning as he poured his heart how to the boys. He listed 18 things that would make them the Godly man that he did not learn until decades later. It will be something they can keep for their entire lives.
      Have a good day! I will be praying and thinking about you as you take another day of Chemo.

  3. That is a terrific post Diane with a tender reminder to cherish our children in all stages of life. You are an amazing mom and show such courage in challenging trials ans struggles. Thank you for your example and friendship. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

    • Janine,

      My husband also wrote a 5 page letter to each Casey and Caleb. We were all in tears as he was reading them this morning. He listed 18 things that would make them the Godly man that he did not learn until decades later. It will be something they can treasure forever.
      Thanks for being such a good friend and encourager,

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