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I am thankful you stopped by to check out this easy Health Bar Cake.

Are you looking for an easy cake made with a cake mix?  If you enjoy making an easy dessert that everyone will love, this Heath Bar Cake is for you?

What is in this Heath Bar Cake?  Chocolate Cake Mix, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Salted Caramel, Whipped Topping and crushed Heath Bars.Heath Bar Cake - This poke cake is so easy to make with only 5 ingredients. #cake #easycake #poke cake #dessert #desserts

I am going to show you how to make this easy Heath Bar Cake.  You will be able to impress your family or guess with little effort.


Heath Bar Cake - This poke cake is so easy to make with only 5 ingredients. #cake #easycake #poke cake #dessert #desserts

My embarrassing story with a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk.

This Heath Bar cake is rich, sweet, light, crunchy, and a delicious chocolaty dessert.  It is super simple to make using a cake mix and four other ingredients.  Who does not love all these ingredients especially sweetened condensed milk?  I cannot believe I am confessing this story about me, but it is true that I love sweetened condensed milk so much that I cut my tongue on it.  After using a can of sweetened condensed milk, I cannot toss it in the trash without cleaning out the can first.  Every can of sweetened condensed milk calls my name and begs me to wipe it clean.  If you wipe it clean, use a spoon. 

Do Not Lick The Can!

One day, I decided to lick the lid.  Doing something dangerous is so unlike me.  I am a person who typically follows every rule and never does anything dangerous.  Well, I licked the lid and got caught.  How do you not get caught licking a lid when your tongue is bleeding uncontrollably?  It was difficult for me to admit that I cut my tongue on a sweetened condensed milk can.  If you only knew how many times I have told my kids opening cans to be careful with the sharp lids.


I had to confess what I did and got made fun of for years.  I know I deserved all the joking.  My advice if you love sweetened condensed milk as much as I do, try just making this Heath Bar Cake and tossing the sweetened condensed milk can in the trash.

This Health Bar Cake is easy to make.

After baking the chocolate cake mix, I use Devil’s Food; you only poke holes in the cake.  Next, you pour the can of condensed milk and caramel over the cake.  The condensed milk and caramel will soak all down in the cake.  When the cake is completely cool, you top it with a tub of whipped cream and then a bag of crushed heath bars. The crunchy toffee is amazing with this chocolate cake.

My Sister in Law Marsha is famous for this Heath Bar Cake.

I could not mention this Heath Bar Cake without mentioning my sister-in-law Marsha.  She often cooks for my nephew Daniel’s, high school football team.  Daniel is a senior this year.  He played center and had a fantastic football season with lots of awards.  The seniors on his team always insist on Marsha making several of these Heath Bar Cakes when feeding the team.   One of the seniors has a scholarship to a college several states away.  He loves this cake so much he made Marsha promise to ship him a Heath Bar Cake.  Marsha told me she was going to try to pack it in dry ice and send him one.  We will have to see how that works out.

This Christmas while visiting GrandmaMarsha baked her famous Heath Bar Cake.   I had forgotten how much my family actually loves this cake.  I have made it several times before and have even taken pictures of it.  With over 50 recipes in my backlog complete with pictures, somehow I overlooked it.  So, I quickly moved it up to the front of my list after eating it this Christmas.

Heath Bar Cake - This poke cake is so easy to make with only 5 ingredients. #cake #easycake #poke cake #dessert #desserts

You can use any Caramel to make this Heath Bar Cake. I have tried most of them, but I love this Salted Caramel Topping.  If you have the thinner Sundae Syrup-like in the second picture, it will work, but you only need about half of the bottle.  The Sundae Syrup Caramel is lighter which makes the cake soggy.  If you use Sundae Syrup, do not use more than half the bottle.
Caramel for Heath Bar Cake

Heath Bar Ingredients

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Heath Bar Cake
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 12
  • 1 - package Chocolate Cake Mix - I use Devil's Food.
  • One - 14 ounce can sweeten condensed milk
  • 1 - 11.5-ounce jar Caramel - I used Smucker's Salted Caramel
  • 8-ounce container Whipped Topping
  • 8-ounce bag Heath Toffee Bits
  1. Bake Cake Mix According to instructions on the package.
  2. Poke holes in the cake about an inch apart with the back of a wooden spoon.
  3. Drizzle the entire jar of Caramel over it.
  4. Cover the cake with Whipped Topping.
  5. Add the entire bag of crushed Heath Toffee Bits.
  6. Refrigerate




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  1. I don’t see when to use the sweetened condensed milk in the recipe. Otherwise the cake looks like one we would enjoy. Thanks for posting it!

  2. I wouldn’t put the whipped topping on until the cake cools… Also, the recipe I’ve been using for years calls for 1/2 jar caramel and 1/2 jar butterscotch! This is the cake my nephews beg for at Christmas…

    • Cindy,

      Hey Neighbor, I was excited to see you are in Oklahoma. I am right outside of Little Rock, AR not to far. Thank you for stopping by Recipes for our Daily Bread and leaving me a comment about my Health Bar Cake. I totally agree with letting the cake cool before adding the whipped topping. I am sorry if that was unclear. I will make sure it is clear on my post. I have used a jar of butterscotch instead of the caramel before. I love butterscotch and will probably make it in this cake one day to take pictures and write about. The butterscotch is just as good if not better. I can see using 1/2 butterscotch and 1/2 caramel.
      Thank you for your support!
      Diane Roark
      Diane Roark recently posted…How To Make Quick Easy Two Ingredient Excellent Hummus RecipeMy Profile

  3. I like the Heath Bar Cake, and have had it before. I, also, had forgotten about it until reading this post. I noticed that under your instruction on the printable recipe that you forgot about pouring the whole can of the sweetened condensed milk over the cake. I have had things like the cut on your tongue happen to me, and my family still reminds me about them. I really like following your posts and have tried many of your recipes. There are a lot of them that I have recipes of my own that are similar to them. Thanks for all the good ideas.

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