Christmas cookies

If you eat a homemade cookie or give someone a cookie, it just makes you smile.  Since October is National Cookie Month, I had to add a roundup with some of my favorite cookies.  My kids range in age from 12 to 23 and still love to bake cookies with me, especially my special needs [...]

Old Fashion Snickerdoodles are easy to make and really good.  These cookies are great all by themselves, but I decided to stuff these Snickerdoodles with a Dove White Chocolate.  The white chocolate really kicked these simple old-fashioned cookies up.  To stuff these cookies, I simply wrapped one tablespoon of cookie dough around a Dove White Chocolate.  I used my one tablespoon [...]

These Wedding Cookies have many names like Crescent Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Cookies, and Snowballs.  They are all made with simple ingredients including butter, sugar, flour, nuts, and then rolled in Confectioners Sugar.  Maybe, this is the one cookie across the world everyone has in common?  Whatever you call these cookies, they are really [...]

Christmas is a time when we splurge a little on Candy & Cookies.  It would not be Christmas without all the special treats that we eat during the holiday's.  I decided to make this list below because I have been thinking about what I am going to treat my family and friends with this year. [...]

These Chunky Chewy Oatmeal Toffee Cookies are from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Mallery.  Her cookbook is Fool's Gold Cookbook.  Fool's Gold is a fictional town in Susan's bestselling books.  Her characters find joy, comfort, and good times through food.  Now, you can experience over 150 recipes plus gorgeous pictures of Susan's food in her [...]