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Are you looking for the dream Alaska Cruise?  If so, I am thrilled you have landed here.   Why Spend The Money On Inspiration Cruises? Best Alaska Cruise with Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman, Anita Renfroe and Branson Heath

Why Spend The Money On Inspiration Cruises? Best Alaska Cruise with Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman, Anita Renfroe and Branson Heath

First of all, I did not get paid for this post.  We simply took a fantastic family vacation booked through Inspiration Cruises.  We loved our experience with Inspiration Cruises so much I cannot wait to book with them in the future.  

Second of all, this is the first of many posts about our cruise to Alaska with Inspiration Cruises, Max Lucado & Steven Curtis Chapman Cruise To Alaska 2016.  It also included Brandon Heath, Anita Renfroe, Travis Eads, Jim Barker and Scott Simpson.  Please follow both Recipes For Our Daily Bread and Our American Travels.  I will be sharing cruise posts on both blogs. 

Next,  This post is very long.  Be sure to continue to the next page for Steven Curtis Chapman, Anita Renfroe, and Brandon Heath. 

Best Alaska Cruise with Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman, Branson Heath and Anita


Inspiration Cruises & Tours

Inspiration Cruises & Tours is a Christian travel company that organizes groups to travel together.  They take many groups not only on cruises but land tours.  Next year, they are taking a group to Israel with Max Lucado.  What an inspirational education trip that would be!  Inspiration Cruises is currently on a cruise with non-other than Michael W. Smith.  It is too late to go on that trip, but I know he has gone on several cruises in the past with Inspiration Cruises.  Follow Inspiration Cruises on Facebook for updates on their future travels. 

What ship were we on and where did we go?

We saw enormous, amazing humpback whales.  Bald Eagles swarmed us.  We saw things all around us that I could never put into words.  The grandeur and beauty of everything from the sky to the ocean, to the snow painted mountains and everything in between made me overwhelmed by God’s power and what He can do.  The beauty never gets old to me.  To tell you the truth this was not our first time on an Alaska cruise.  We took an Alaska cruise on a different ship with the same ports of call.  I was still in awe of God’s beauty everywhere just like I had never seen it before.  I found myself tearing up several times thinking about our mighty powerful God.  He created the gigantic mountains and covered them with snow.  These massive mountains will bow down to Him one day.  It leaves you speechless, or at least it leaves me speechless to view the beauty of Alaska.  That is saying a lot because my family claims I love to talk.  

My prayer is that I will be quick to listen and slow to speak.  

The Alaskan beauty alone is worth seeing, but I am telling you that what we heard and experienced because of Inspiration Cruises was PRICELESS.

Who did Inspiration Cruises arrange to lead us in Worship, to inspire us with the Word and to make us laugh uncontrollably?  Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman, Brandon Heath, and Anita Renfroe

Max Lucado

Why Spend The Money On Inspiration Cruises? Best Alaska Cruise with Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman, Anita Renfroe and Branson Heath

I still cannot believe I met Max.  He lead us in the Word five or six times throughout the week.  He always left us hungry for more of God’s Word.  Max is the most humble, gentle-speaking man I have ever known.  I told my husband I loved Max.  He grinned and said he did too.  I am sure if you have read any of his books you also have been inspired to love God and others through eloquent words.  I did a little research on Max Lucado.  Did you know Max has written over 80 encouraging books and had 80 million copies in print?  Max would never tell you his accomplishments and would probably not like me sharing this information about him.  He had rather talk to you about your life and how much God loves you.   

My family was so blessed to meet him twice on this cruise.  The first time Max spent at least ten minutes with us.  He never mentioned anything about himself.  He just wanted to find out about our family and encourage us.  Did  I mention to you how much I love this man of God? 

The main reason we wanted to meet Max was to thank him for writing The Crippled Lamb.  Many of you know my husband, and I have a son named Caleb who was born with a brain bleed and has Cerebral Palsy.  He has a shunt that keeps him alive and has had seventeen brain surgeries.  We purchased The Cripled Lamb in 1996, the Christmas after Caleb was born.  It became our favorite bedtime book, Christmas story, and all-time best-loved children’s book.  It is such a sweet book about a little lamb that gets left behind due to being crippled, but God had the best job ever for him.  I am hanging on to God’s promise that He has a plan for my special needs son, Caleb and all my children.  Read More About The Crippled Lamb here.  Go get this touching tale and read The Crippled Lamb to your children and grandchildren.  God has a special plan for them too, and they need to hear all about it.    

I am sure you probably already have one or two of Max’s books.  You Are Special, Traveling Light, Glory Days, Facing Your Giants and Just In Case You Ever Wondered, Just to name a couple of my favorite Max Lucado books.  

Every day on the cruise Max motivated us to get alone with God and ask ourselves:

  • What is God telling you through His Word?

  • What is God Telling you through His World?

  • What is God Telling you through Worship? 

For me, I am going to say it was how POWERFUL my God is.  He made all things including me.  I am sure He can take care of my problems that might seem huge to me.  Sometimes, I do not think God can handle the mess I make in my life.  I was reminded by Max to pray consistently, and to pray for Our Daily Bread, which is what we need for the day.   

If you do not receive Max Lucado’s daily devotionals, I encourage you to sign up here.  I love that you can listen to Max’s devotionals in less than five minutes.  Each devotional encourages you and helps you focus on what is important in life.  If you need an exciting way to teach your children or grandchildren about God, Max has a new website about his friend Hermie.  Check out Hermie here

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Travis Eads

We got to know Travis, who is a pastor and worship leader at Oak Hills Church where Max preaches.  Travis led us in worship time with some of my favorite old hymns.  What an extraordinarily talented song leader!  It was an honor to hear him lead worship.Why Spend The Money On Inspiration Cruises? Best Alaska Cruise with Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman, Anita Renfroe and Branson Heath


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  1. Wow! What an inspirational cruise! Looks like y’all had so much fun on this cruise. The beauty of God’s creation never ceases to amaze me. There are many times during my workday when I just have to stop and wonder how did all of this come together-how well thought out everything was. I don’t think I’ve ever read a post about your son. I work with special needs children (36 years) and I am so amazed by their progress. My students are in the autism spectrum/emotional/learning disabled. There is nothing else I would rather do-it is my calling. Thanks so much for sharing your family’s awesome vacation.

    • Cindy,

      Thank you so much for stopping by Recipes for our Daily Bread and leaving me a comment. We truly had an amazing dream vacation. Thank you for letting me know you work with special needs children. It is truly a calling and I am sure you are making a huge difference in the lives of your kids. When you have difficult days, I hope you remember that you are extremely special and making a huge difference for God.

      Many blessings,
      Diane Roark
      Diane Roark recently posted…How To Make The Most Outstanding Oatmeal Turtle CookiesMy Profile

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