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What is a VMatter knife?   What makes a VMatter knife “Forever-Sharp”?

VMatter Knife Review on Recipes for our Daily Bread

I honestly had never heard of a VMatter knife until I was asked to review it.  

I hesitated because I do not know anything about knives but my husband was so excited about this review.  Before the knife even arrived at our home, my husband, Jerry, had already done lots of research about this VMatter knife.  When the knife arrived, it was like Christmas morning.  He could not wait to try this knife out.  I had a watermelon cold and ready for him to experiment with his new knife.


I really like the way it easily cut this watermelon.

When I heard that a VMatter knife stays “Forever-Sharp”, I was excited to give it a try.  All of the knives I currently have in my kitchen are dull.  You know a knife is dull when you are cutting something and when you release your hand you have red marks up and down your pointer finger.  The red marks are from applying a lot of pressure to get our knives to cut.  Dull knives also make cutting very dangerous.VMatter Knife Review THE FOREVER SHARP KNIFE

I found these two great videos that actually show you how razor-sharp VMatter knives are.

I did my own experiment with a VMatter knife.  I do not like cutting sweet potatoes or watermelons with my dull knives.  Sweet potatoes are pretty hard and watermelons are large and awkward to cut through.

VMatter Knife Review on Recipes for our Daily Bread
Sweet Potatoes are hard to cut. This VMatter knife had no problem.

Neither Jerry nor I had a problem cutting though the sweet potatoes and the watermelon.  Having a high quality knife in the kitchen makes cooking easier than I ever expected.  Great equipment makes cooking a joy!


  • VMatter knives are made of  amorphous Alloy that is 250% stronger than steel.

  • VMatter kitchen knives were tested for durability.   They were used every day for five years without being sharpened. They showed minimal signs of dulling.  Most knives start to dull in the first four to six months of use.  VMatter kitchen knives are expected to maintain their sharpness for many years.

  • The smooth surface of an amorphous alloy knife can be many times sharper and four times more resistant to bacterial adhesion than steel.  The surface of stainless steel is porous which allows germs to accumulate.

If you need a great kitchen knife.  I would highly recommend checking out a VMatter Knife.  They have several different ones.   VMatter gave me a knife to review but these opinions are my own.  

  • VMatter Knife Review on Recipes for our Daily Bread
    VMatter Knife Review on Recipes for our Daily Bread




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10 Responses to Knife by VMatter Review THE FOREVER SHARP KNIFE

  1. Thanks a lot for providing information about this knife . I was not aware of this knife but I was in search of that knife which do not become dull for many years . Even my husband gets too much irritated when knives become dull after few days only. Once I got injured also, while I was using dull knife. But now we do not have to suffer so much. Thanks a lot for providing the wonderful solution.

  2. Diane, my husband is a huge fan of dicing veggies and other stuff for meal time. We have a pretty good knife set, but this would totally be up his alley. Thanks for sharing and will try to look into for him, because I think this may be a perfect gift possibly for Christmas. Thanks again and wishing you a great week ahead now!! 🙂

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