With these best Burger Recipes plus Burger tips and hacks, you will be able to prepare perfect burgers every time impressing your family and friends.

There is nothing like the All American Burger when they are cooked properly.

Do You hate burgers that are dry and tastes like leather or a piece of cardboard?

Ever had a burger burnt from a flareup and the rest of the hamburger raw, and your family has to choke them down?

STOP the Madness!  Before you Fire up the charcoal or light the propane grill and ruin some delicious ground beef burgers, listen UP!

With these tips and hacks plus fabulous burger recipes, you will be able to prepare perfect burgers every time.


50 Burger Recipes & Best Burger Tips

Juicy Burger Tips

What makes a juicy burger?  Fat makes burgers moist.  Ground chuck is an excellent choice for burgers because it is a fatty meat.  Even better, you can ask your supermarket to grind your chuck.  They can add some sirloin for extra flavor.

Do not purchase 90/10 ground beef for burgers!  You need at least 20% fat in the meat.  The fat makes the burger taste great, but it also helps you not overcook the burger.

Homemade Ground Beef Tutorial for Summer Burgers ~ Macheesmo

Add an Ice Cube

Try this tip for juicy burgers, add an ice cube to the center of a burger.  When forming your burgers, form the ground beef around an ice cube. The ice cube will keep the patty moist and help keep the meat from drying out.

Forming Burgers Tips

Handling Red Meat

Do you like burgers but hate touching red meat?  Try this hack.

Roll out your burger meat between two pieces of parchment paper.

Take a piece of plastic larger than a large glass or cookie cutter and lay it on the meat.

Use a cookie cutter or glass to cut out individual burgers.

Shaping Your Ground Beef for Burgers

When forming your burgers, aim for about 3/4 of an inch thickness.  If it is thinner, it is more likely to overcook and dry out.  If it is thicker, the outside might burn before the center reaches the safe internal doneness of a medium cook.

Indent Your Ground Beef Patties

Burgers tend to cook faster around the edges.  To keep the edges from getting overdone, press a little indentation into the raw patty with your fingers or the back of a spoon.

Burger Seasoning

Season your burgers well!  Ground beef alone makes a pretty bland burger.  Mix in seasonings into your ground beef plus add a little seasoning just before cooking.  Whether you cook your meat on the grill, griddle, or skillet, you have to season both sides of the burger.  Season one side just before it hits the hot surface.  As soon as you flip the burgers, season the other side of the ground beef.

Use at least Salt and pepper on your beef.

Or, try seasoning your burgers with ingredients like Worcestershire Sauce, hot sauce, grated onions, fresh chopped herbs, mustard, Montreal Steak seasoning, salt, and pepper, paprika, smoked paprika, brown sugar, garlic powder, grated garlic, and cayenne pepper.

Best Ever Burger Seasoning – Layers of Happiness

Hamburger Seasoning (Perfect for Grilled Hamburgers!) – Wine & Glue

The best homemade burger seasoning – CopyKat.com

Spices That Go Well With Beef

Spices that work well in beef include basil, cumin, curry powder, dry mustard powder, garlic, onion, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme.

When to Season Your Burgers

The best time to season your burgers is right before placing them on the grill, griddle, or in a skillet.  Make sure your surface area is hot, then season the outside of your burgers before placing them on the heat.

Stuffed Burger Tips

A great way to make a cheeseburger is to stuff the burger with cheese.  You can create a cheeseburger by placing a small cube of cheese in the center of burgers before grilling.  The cheese will slowly soften as the burger cooks, creating a gooey surprise in the center.

Jalapeno Burger Recipe

bacon cheddar cheese-stuffed burgers recipe – plays well with butter


Pressing Burger Tips

Your chance to Press the burger is as soon as you put it in the pan, grill, or griddle.  Pressing the patty down is done to ensure the burger patty thoroughly contacts the heated surface to provide that perfect sear.

Once the burger starts cooking:  Do not press the burger down, or you will lose the juices.

Grilled Burger Tips

Grilling burgers is probably the most popular way to cook burgers.   Here are some tips when grilling your burgers.

  • Brush the cooking grates clean.
  • Grill the burgers over direct high heat with the lid closed as much as possible.
  • Turn the grilled burgers once when the patties easily release from the grates without sticking.
  • Cook to medium, which will be 8 to 10 minutes.
  • During the last couple of minutes of cooking time, toast the buns.  Place the cut sides down over the heat.

Grill Your Onions

While your burgers are cooking, season your sliced onions with salt and pepper and a little bit of oil.  Place the onion rings on the hot grill.

Move Over, Meat! These Recipes Prove There’s So Much More to Grilling Than Steak & Burgers

Toasted Burger Buns

Bun Tip:  No one likes a soggy bun.  Toast the bun!  It not only tastes better, but it keeps the bread from getting soggy.  You can toast your buns on the grill, griddle, or even in a skillet.  Toast them flat side down but watch them carefully.

Step-By-Step Toasting Hamburger Buns on Stove

Quick Brioche Bun Recipe

Flipping Burger Tips

You should flip each burger only once and only when it is ready to flip.  How do you know if a burger is ready to flip?  Slide your spatula underneath the edge of the burger and lift up gently.  If the meat is sticking to the grate, it is not ready to flip.  When you can lift up the edge of a burger without it sticking, it is ready to flip.

Burger Recipes Ground Beef

Cook your ground beef burgers on medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes on the first side.

Never cut into your burger to check doneness.  You will release all the juices.

Use a meat thermometer; a medium-well burger should read 150 degrees F., Med 140 degrees F, Well 160 degrees F.

Why Are Your Burgers raw in the middle?

Cook the burgers at a lower temperature.  The outside is cooking faster than the inside of the burger.  Also, be sure to make a dent in the center of your meat to help the burgers cook evenly.

Cast-Iron Skillet Burger Recipes

Grilling With a Cast Iron Skillet – Omaha Steaks

Cast Iron Skillet Burgers with Roasted Green Pepper | Alexandra’s Kitchen

Burger Recipes Griddle

There is nothing like a burger that has been cooked on the griddle.  If you enjoy an excellent griddle burger, see my Blackstone Griddle Review.  It is one of my favorite products ever.

How do you cook burgers on a Blackstone griddle?

  1. Preheat your Griddle for five minutes.
  2. Rub a small amount of oil on the Griddle.
  3. After forming your patties, place them on the Griddle.
  4. Smash your burgers hard with a spatula as soon as they hit the griddle.
  5. Stop smashing and allow them to cook for two minutes.
  6. Flip the burgers over and cook another 1 to 2 minutes.
  7. Enjoy your favorite burger!



Farmer Burger, Harvarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, fried egg, and Cayenne Ranch


This Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger is made on a Blackstone Griddle and kicked up with a Cayenne Ranch Dressing.

Mushroom Onion Burger with Harvarti cheese, Bacon, and Cayenne Ranch

BBQ Bacon Burger Recipe


BBQ Bacon Burger Sharp Cheddar, Jalepeno chips, lettuce, tomato, BBQ suace, and bacon




Smash Burgers

Homemade Smash Burgers Recipe ~ Macheesmo


Smash Burgers – The Cookie Rookie® (HOW TO VIDEO)

How to Make a Great Smashed Burger

Burger Topping Tips

Ways to Kick Up Your Mayonnaise

Some of these tips can be used to kick up your ground beef too.

  1. Use a cheese grater and grate your onions.  Grating the onions will reduce the sharp onion flavor and big chunks of onion in your mouth that no one likes.  Grating the onion leaves a milder onion flavor.
  2. Use a zester or Microplane with tiny holes to grate fresh garlic.  The Microplane will mince the garlic, adding more flavor without large pieces of garlic in your mouth.

Garlic Aioli Recipe

Lettuce Tip for Your Burger Recipes

Lettuce tip: Cut lettuce using a cookie cutter.

Burger Recipes for the Grill

Bacon Jam Burger

Grilled Burgers – Learn To Make The Best Grilled Burgers

Quick and Easy Rodeo Burger

Quesadilla Burger {Copycat & Lightened Up Applebee’s Burger with Fresh Salsa}

Herbed Goat Cheese & Corn Relish Angus Beef Burgers

Grilled Rosemary and Garlic Hamburgers

Best Burgers EVER! – Plain Chicken

How To Make the Juiciest Burger Patties

Burger Recipes Oven

You can cook your burgers in the oven.   If you are cooking burgers for a group of kids, cooking the burgers in the oven works great.  Bake in preheated 375-degree oven for 15 to 18 minutes for medium.


Easy Hamburgers in the Oven – And a TRICK that makes all the difference!

Daddy’s Oven Baked Hamburgers Recipe | foodiecrush.com

How to Cook a Juicy Homemade Hamburger in the Oven | Livestrong.com

Burger Recipes Air Fryer

Ultimate Air Fryer Hamburgers | Lemons + Zest

Air Fryer Onion Soup Mix Burgers – Air Fryer Fanatics

Air Fryer Hamburgers

Instant Pot Burger Recipes

Instant Pot Cheddar Ranch Burgers

Juicy Instant Pot Hamburgers {Gluten Free} – Recipes From A Pantry

Burger Recipes Sauce

Copycat Outback Ranch Dressing

Best Cayenne Ranch Dressing

Southwestern Ranch Dressing


Excellent Burger Sauce (and Fry Dip) | Valerie’s Kitchen

Burger & Fries

Garlic Parmesan Baked Steak Fries – Kleinworth & Co

Crispy French Fries

Sweet Potato Fries with Toasted Marshmallow Dip

Baked Crispy Potato Wedges #SundaySupper


Burger Side Dishes Recipes







Southern Side Dishes Easy Recipes Family Friendly


50 Burger Recipes & Best Burger Tips

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