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20 05, 2012


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Four Easy Steps to making homemade flaky pie crust Can you make a homemade pie crust?  YES, You Can with these step-by-step instructions including tips. It is never easy to make things homemade but when you have the time it is so worth it.  My challenge is for you to make this homemade pie crust. 

1 03, 2012


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4 Ingredients to making these super soft butter cookies You will love these Quick and Easy Iced butter cookies. They are colorful and very light. Spread about 2 teaspoons of icing on each cookie. These light and colorful butter cookies would be great for brunch, school party, or any other event held during the Spring.  Spring

8 12, 2011

Chess Pie A Southern Favorite

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Chess pie is a sweet and creamy treat.  If you have not tried this Southern Treat, it is super easy to make and delicious. Chess pie is a cousin to the Buttermilk Pie and the egg custard pie.  It is smooth, creamy, and tastes wonderful. Welcome, to Recipes For Our Daily Bread Recipes For Our Daily Bread is all