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2 09, 2012


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BBQ Pulled Pork needs to be cooked low and slow for hours like this Best Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork. What makes this pulled pork so delicious? It has a SLAP YOUR MOMMY rub, plus cooked low and slow for 10 hours. This combination makes an incredible pulled pork. Pictured below is the BBQ Pulled Pork

19 02, 2012

BBQ Stuffed Baked Potato

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BBQ Stuffed Baked Potato is A Perfect way to use leftover bbq pulled pork. Leftover Pulled Pork makes a fabulous BBQ Stuffed Baked Potato. For an easy pulled pork recipe, see my CROCK POT PULLED PORK BBQ. An excellent way to use leftover pulled pork is to make a BBQ Baked Stuffed Potato. When making

15 02, 2012


By |2020-02-09T17:02:12-06:00February 15th, 2012|Entrees, Italian, One Dish Dinners, Pasta, Pizza, Slow Cooker|3 Comments

If your family likes Pizza, Spaghetti, or both, they will Love this recipe.   This Easy Crock Pot Pizza Spaghetti is a layered combination of both pizza and spaghetti that is slowly cooked in the crock-pot. Put This Crock Pot Pizza Spaghetti Together The Night Before You can put this Crock Pot Pizza Spaghetti together the night before in

27 01, 2012


By |2020-02-02T20:20:46-06:00January 27th, 2012|Breakfast, Entrees, Sandwiches, Slow Cooker, St. Patrick's Day|25 Comments

Incredibly tasty SLOW COOKER CORNED BEEF.    Are you looking to serve corned beef on St. Patrick's Day? Let your slow cooker do all the work when making this fantastic full-flavored SLOW COOKER CORNED BEEF. This post includes not only a corned beef recipe but a delicious Corned Beef & Hash Recipe plus a fabulous