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Friday Night High School Football Pre-Game Meal.  What do I cook for a football team to eat? Protein & Pasta

Feeding A High School Football Team, a large group, or maybe a large family gathering? You may want to consider these easy recipes which are great for a crowd.

Happy 18th Birthday Casey!

HOW TO FEED A HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM - Casey's Senior Year Football - What do I feed the football team? #Feeding A High School Football Team

My son, Casey, is a senior this year and had his first football game last Friday night.  He has been playing football since the 7th grade at his high school.  Nothing is better than sitting in the stands on a cool crisp evening watching my son and his teammates/friends playing football.  Casey attends a Christian school that is probably the smallest 2-A school in the state.  They have around 28 to 30 kids on the senior high football team.  They are also small in physical size; a couple of our lineman might weigh close to 200 pounds, but they play against lineman that weigh 300 pounds. What this team lacks in numbers and size, they have more than enough heart.  They have a desire to play their best, and most importantly a desire to support each other and honor God on and off the football field.  They pray with each other and for each other.  It would be hard for anyone to find a better group of teenage boys who want to make a difference in the world by setting a Godly example.

I could go on and on about how proud I am of the CCS Eagles football team, including the great group of five or six coaches that set the examples for these boys every day, but this post is about feeding them.  Parents take turns preparing one or two pregame meals for the football team.  Last week was the first game of the season.  It was my privilege to feed the team for one of my last times since Casey will be graduating. 🙁  Feeding the football team can be a lot of work, but I will miss seeing the boys enjoying the meal and seeing their smiling faces.  I even received a few hugs from teenage boys, so you know the food must be pretty good.

What to feed a football team? //

Below are a couple of the great coaches for the Eagles.  Coach Carter on the right, is the head football coach and leader of the team.  Coach White is on the left.  These coaches give their time to what is most important in life.  They teach our boys how to be Godly men, to work hard, never to give up, and how to be a great leader.

Notice my special needs son and Casey’s twin brother, Caleb in the background.  He loves seeing the boys.  They brag on his cooking, and he cannot stop smiling.

What to feed a football team? //

I wanted to give a shout out to Mrs. Smith in the picture below on the right.  She coordinates all the meals for the players.  She also cooks several of them.  Kim not only supports the football team, but she teaches at the school, runs the concession stand for the baseball team, plus many other things.  Her husband is one of the best baseball and football announcers you will ever hear.

 You can hear him and listen to CCS football games on-line at CCS Booster Club org every Friday night at 7:00 p.m.

What to feed a football team? //

What did I feed the football team? I focus on Protein & Pasta.  Pasta will feed a crowd and fill them up.

This year I prepared…

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Hawaiian Hamburger Buns.

  • 25 pounds of Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder – Slow Cooker Pulled Pork cooks down and falls apart.  You will lose 40 percent of the meat.  When preparing this for a crowd, figure 60 percent of the total amount of pork before cooking it.  Then figure about 6 ounces per sandwiches.

crock-pot BBQ pulled pork //

crock-pot BBQ pulled pork //

 Homemade Mac & Cheese

  • I used my Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese recipe and multiplied it by 6  – I calculated it served 50 people, but it was more like 60 servings.  I prepared this in my 22 quart Dutch Oven.


Feeding the Football Team //

 What makes a good coleslaw?  recipe

What makes a great coleslaw? What makes a great coleslaw? //

 Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Caramel Apple Cupcakes //

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes //

Last year, I fed the football team with my Blackened Chicken Pasta and Garlic Biscuits and Banana Pudding.

Blackened Chicken Pasta

Blackened Chicken Alfredo //

Garlic Cheese Drop Biscuits Recipe

Garlic Cheese Biscuits //

Easy Banana Pudding

Creamy Homemade Banana Pudding //

 Baked Potatoes are always great for feeding a football team or a crowd.  A potato bar works well.


  • Line the oven racks with foil.
  • You do not need to wrap the potatoes in foil.
  • Allow plenty of time to cook the potatoes.  It took about 2 1/2 hours to cook these potatoes on 400 degrees.
  • Line a clean large cooler with foil and place the potatoes inside the cooler.  It helps them stay warm.
  • You could also place them in a large roaster that you have heated up and turned off.  I have used both ways to transport potatoes and they both work well.
  • Warning!  Large amounts of potatoes are very heavy.  You will need help to carry them.

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  1. Your post was so helpful. I am working with a lacrosse team and am interested in Making the mac n cheese in my roaster. How long did it take to cook? In looking at the slow cooker time I would imagine it takes a lot longer in the roaster.

    • Margaret,

      That you for stopping by Recipes For Our Daily Bread to see my post about feeding a football team. The roaster is great for keeping a large amount of food hot. I cooked my pasta al dente on the stove in several pots. Next, I drained and transferred the pasta to the roaster and added the rest of the mac and cheese ingredients. Combine everything and then let it cook on the lowest temperature for a couple of hours while stirring it every 15 minutes. You are mainly warming everything. The pasta and cheese will stick to the roaster especially if it is not cooked on low. I learn the hard way. Be sure to spray the roaster well with a cooking spray. I used PAM for baking. I hope this helps. I am sure the lacrosse team will love it.
      Have a great day!
      Diane Roark

  2. You are the best! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I truly enjoy cooking and it was a JOY to see their faces. We will definitely have to keep in touch. It is so hard to believe that Casey is a senior already. I look forward to seeing what God has in planned for him and all the rest of the boys. They are all a great group of boys or young men.


  3. It’s a nice way for the team to remain more united, plus you can enjoy the affection of your child doing a variety of dishes to feed the whole team. The photos of each dish they look great, they must be very rich.

  4. Thanks for sharing at Foodie Fridays this week. Just looking at all the delicious food makes me as hungry as a football player! Have a wonderful week.

  5. THANK YOU for feeding my son soooo many meals. He loves your cooking! Thank you for always sharing your recipes and making such a sweet difference in what I prepare. I have learned so very much from you. We will miss Casey and the whole family next year at Conway Christian. You are a great ambassador for Christ.

    • Ginger,

      You are the best! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I truly enjoy cooking and it was a JOY to see their faces. We will definitely have to keep in touch. It is so hard to believe that Casey is a senior already. I look forward to seeing what God has in planned for him and all the rest of the boys. They are all a great group of boys or young men.

      Thanks for following my blog and encouraging me.
      May God Bless You are Your Sweet Family!
      Diane Roark

  6. Diane is a pro at getting a team ready for the big game. Whether you are feeding a team, or just one player, you will love what she has to get them ready to play their best. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  7. I loved the times that I fed my youngest sons football team, they would get pasta with different meats (pepperoni, Italian sausage, one pan with mushrooms the other without and they loved it. it was a lot of fun, my son also attended a Christian school and it is funny it’s name was Life Christian Eagles, they no longer have a high school there but we had a lot of great memories. Many eons ago. thank you

    • Dorothy,

      It sounds like we have a lot in common. With Casey being a senior, I am trying to enjoy every minute of this season in life. I know from having an older daughter that time goes by so fast. I will miss watching him play sports and many other things.

      Diane Roark

  8. Good Morning Diane,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. It made me feel like I was right there. What a wonderful group of young people and adults. If only the whole world would conduct themselves like them. It looks and sounds like you all have a lot of fun and good times together-what a blessing. Your food looked great! You did a really good job!

    • Patricia,

      Thank you for your kind words about Feeding a High School Football team post. I am truly proud of everyone of these boys. I cannot wait to hear how God uses them to do amazing things in life.
      Diane Roark

  9. Sounds like mama is already feeling a little bittersweet. I get it, they grow so fast. Love all the great recipes you shared today. Pulled pork is always a favorite. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shari,

      I am trying hard to enjoy each moment of his senior year. It is so hard. I have an older daughter, Carly, so I know I will miss this special time in his life. I am truly proud of Casey and all his teammates. I cannot wait to see how God uses all of them for his Glory.

      Thanks for sharing!
      Diane Roark

  10. Aww, Diane this totally made me smile and love that you got to feed the team again this year. Definitely looks like the boys have a great team, too and truly felt like I was right there with you all to root them on! Great job my friend and to the team, too!! 🙂

    • Janine,

      Thanks for always encouraging me. I wish you could be there. It is a lot of fun. I am truly proud of all of Casey’s teammates. They have great hearts and are always so encouraging.
      Thanks for sharing!
      Diane Roark

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