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Fried Apples & Sausage is the perfect sweet and salty combination.  It works deliciously in this apple skillet pancake. 

When you add the apples and sausages in this skillet pancake, it is delicious.

This time of year I especially love Fried Apples.  In the south, we eat them as a side dish or on top of ice cream or cake.  Today, I decided to add some sausage to the fried apples.  This Fried Apples & Sausage Skillet Pancake is truly a delicious sweet and salty combination.  After cooking the apples and sausages, I added my delicious buttermilk pancake batter and baked it in a skillet.  It could not be easier.  You do not have to watch the pancakes or flip pancakes.  

Apple Skillet Pancake Easiest Pancakes For A Crowd

Skillet pancakes are the easiest way to prepare pancakes for a crowd. The sausage, apples, and pancakes are an all in one skillet dish combine to make a delicious Fried Apples & Sausage Skillet Pancake.

I added my pumpkin sausage skillet pancake   This pumpkin pancake is full of flavor, easy to make, super moist, and perfect for a delicious Fall breakfast.

Fried Apple Skillet Pancake is the perfect sweet and salty combination. Skillet pancakes are the easiest way to make pancakes fro a crowd.

Fried Apple Skillet Pancake is the perfect sweet and salty combination. Skillet pancakes are the easiest way to make pancakes fro a crowd.

 Hiland Dairy Products

I hope you noticed the Hiland Dairy Buttermilk I used to make this skillet pancake.  I have always used Hiland Dairy products, so it was a perfect match for me to help promote them.  Yes, Hiland Dairy gave me products to use in this recipe, however, the opinions expressed are my own.  Hiland Dairy is farmer owned.  They make delicious tasting products which are free of artificial growth hormones.  This is important to me which is why I love using their dairy products.

If you live in Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, you are probably already familiar with Hiland Dairy.  Did you know they not only make milk, cheese, ice cream, half & half, heavy cream, butter, buttermilk, dips, and yogurt, but they also distribute fresh fruit juices, Red Diamond Teas, almond milk, and soy milk?


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  1. Your dish looks so homey and delicious. Buttermilk is the best ingredient ever when it comes to making tender, light and fluffy pancakes. I like that you put everything in the skillet too. Easy to put together. Love it! Thanks for sharing at Foodie Fridays this week. Your recipes are always so comforting.

  2. Wow! Diane this looks so delicious. I’m obsessed with skillet recipes though I have not yet made many, but I will definitely give this a try. My family will love it. Thanks for sharing with Foodie Friends Friday party this weekend. I’ve pinned and will share this weekend.


    • Joanne,

      I love this time of year and cooking with apples. I hope you get to try these fried apples. Today, I added my Sunday Roundup with Apple recipes from my blog instead of the weekly roundup. I will have to stop by and share it.

      Diane Roark

  3. Diane, another hit out of the park! Your skillet apples were a hit on my site when I shared it, and this will be too! Shared all around. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  4. I never would have thought to add sausage to this, but the sweet and salty combination sound divine and heavenly. Totally pinned and you know how much I love pumpkin flavors this time of the year, so hope to try very soon now!! 🙂


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