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God Used Robbery Teach Me Surrender

God Used A Robbery To Show Me What Surrender Means – Have Faith!

FAITH IN GOD - God Used Robbery Teach Me Surrender

Even Jesus surrendered to God.

Mark 14:35-36 Going a little farther, He fell to the ground and prayed that if possible the hour might pass from Him.  “Abba Father,” He said, “everything is possible for you.  Take this cup from me.  Not what I will, but what You will.

FAITH IN GOD - God Used Robbery Teach Me Surrender - Diane Age 16 in high school

It is evident in this scripture that Jesus wanted to do the will of God.  If the only way for people to go to heaven was for Jesus to die on the cross, He was willing to do it.

The Gun Was Pointed At My Head At Age 16

After turning 16 years old, I got a job working in a fast food restaurant. One night when I was working, a man came in ten minutes before we closed.  He aimed his gun at my head and told me to open the cash register.  I was so nervous, remember I was only 16 years old, that I hit the wrong button on the cash register.  The register kept making dinging noises.  I could not get it to open.  The robber told me to put my hands over my head (in the surrender position) and back up.  He reached over the counter and opened the register and grabbed the money.  He then told me to get under the counter and do not get up.  The robber did not have to tell me again.  I did not move a muscle until the police showed up.  I am not entirely sure how they found out.

YES!  They Caught Him

Anyway, they found the man and I got the “honor” of picking him out of a lineup.  This whole experience was such a nightmare for me.  This robbery happened before becoming a Christian at age 18.  After becoming a Christian, for decades, I asked God to show me why He allowed me to experience such an ordeal at a young age.  I was always asking God for a reason because at times the robbery still upset me.

Have Faith! God Answered My Prayer

Just about 20 years later, I was crying out to God and surrendering a problem to Him.  I had my arms up in the surrender position.  At that moment, God gave me a clear picture of the man who pointed a gun to my head.  God said to me “You do not have to surrender to me, but you get to.”   I believe what He was trying to tell me is that I do not have to surrender, but I get the opportunity to give all my problems ultimately to the only person who can indeed fix them.  I have learned that yielding my ways, surrendering, means having faith in God that He will take care of all my needs.

If you are having a challenging problem, just surrender and give the entire problem to the only One, who can do anything about it.  God also actually cares about all your issues, not just the big ones.

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1 thought on “God Used Robbery Teach Me Surrender”

  1. Hi, Diane. I’m Janet Hawkins, a little ole gray (except for the tireless care of my hairdresser every six weeks) haired lady who finally decided to take the plunge and buy a slow cooker after decades of reading recipes for the slow cooker. I’m from New Orleans and one of the things my family and I miss is SLOPPY Roast Beef Poboys. Having eaten them for a very happy six decades I have a good idea of what the basic ingredients should be so I went agoogling and happily found your recipe and blog.

    Having read dozens of recipes on the web yours sounded just right and I quit looking. Having enjoyed and finally finding what I was looking for I decided to check out your blog more fully. It is delightful to read and I’ve already printed several recipes; I will be making your buttermilk cornbread tonight, yum.

    The first anecdote I came across was your experience of being the victim of an armed robbery. I had almost the exact same experience except I was in my thirties with an adolescent and teen aged child at home. My robber, who was dressed like a professional man, caught my attention with the language he was using. I was helping my brother out in his bookstore/newsstand, and my back was turned to the store so at his foul language I turned around with my absolute best stop an unruly child dead in his tracks and only got “I beg your” out before I noticed the barrel of a 357 magnum pointed right between my eyes. I gasped, took two shaky steps back before collapsing on the bench behind me and then doing exactly as he said.

    After he grabbed the cash I gave him he snatched the Rolex off a customer’s wrist and demanded his wallet; he then told all of us to lay face down on the floor. Seconds later we heard the front door open and close; poof, and he was gone.

    You are so right. An experience such as that affects you tremendously in many ways and some of those effects stay with you for the rest of your life. Recounting it here, and for the first time ever in writing and I never talk about it, I can remember every detail perfectly: The way the sunlight was coming through the front window. The cold, crisp (a real treat in muggy NOLA) weather. The smell of the dust in the carpet as I futilely tried to burrow under it. The horror at the thought my children would be orphans and the effect on my husband. My Mama and Daddy. How did I behave the last time I saw them all? What last memories did I leave them with? It’s astounding what can pass through your mind in a minute or two.

    Wow! That was a rare, for me, emotional detour before finally coming to the point of my email to you. Do you have any advice or tips for a first time slow cooker purchaser? What to look for in size, features, performance at different tasks? I just replaced my very first toaster, a wedding gift and a real classic, because it finally just gave out and totally broke down. Once I finally pick my slow cooker I want it to be so good that my heirs will fight over it, along with my lovingly seasoned over the decades cast iron. LOL

    Any suggestions for me? I can hardly wait to try both your Roast Beef and Pulled Pork recipes! Although I live alone now and frequently cook just for one my only plans for a slow cooker are, at least right now, to be able to cook nice big, hungry family recipes. Hey kids! I’ll bring the NOLA roast beef and gravy for a sloppy roast beef and you provide the bread (the real bugaboo because NOLA french bread is unknown outside NOLA), the lettuce and tomato. All I want is to bring home is enough leftovers for one more bite at the apple and the rest of the apple is yours to enjoy.

    Thanks, I look forward to your advice to enjoying your blog in the future.


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