Learn how to dice an onion with step by step instructions and a video.   Plus, the easiest way to chop bell pepper.

This post will teach you how to dice an onion.  We eat onions in everything from casseroles, burgers, meatloaf, chili, chicken and dumplings, roast, skillet lasagna, and more.  Just about everything I prepare includes onions.   Some of my favorites recipes using onions and bell pepper are located at the bottoms of this post.  The onion seasons so many dishes.  When an onion is cut correctly, the pieces are consistent and cook evenly.  No one likes getting a large piece of onion in their mouth.  I know I do not like it.  It can ruin a meal.

Before we begin learning how to dice an onion, let’s talk about peeling an onion.  A good tip is to peel the first layer of onion off.  This is the onion right below the skin.  If you do not peel off the first layer of an onion below the skin, it can be tough and too difficult to chew.

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Learn How To Dice An Onion Vs. Chopped Onion

Onion terminology can get confusing.  The recipe may call to dice an onion, chopped onions, roughly chopped onions, large chopped, medium chop, minced onions, thinly sliced onion, thick slice onion.

Roughly chop – If the recipe says to roughly chop an onion, I cut the onion in half.  Next, place the flat side down on a cutting board and cut it like a pizza.

Large chop – If the recipe says to large chop an onion, I make the pieces about an inch in size.

Medium Chop – Medium chop is about half inch.

Diced or Small Chop – A diced onion I cut about 1/4 inch.

Minced – Mince is very fine, as small as I can get it.

The video below shows you how to dice an onion.   The words diced and chopped onions mean different things.  When you dice an onion, it is a precise cut.  You are trying to cut similar size small pieces of onion.  When you chop an onion, it is not as small nor accurate.   The term roughly chop means chopping an onion in even larger sizes that are not precise.

Minced Onion and Kids

One more onion term that I use all the time is minced onion.  Minced onion is dicing the onion extremely tiny.  You cut the onion as small as you can get it.  If you have kids, they may pick the onion out of their food.  I know my kids did when they were young.  When you mince the onion into tiny pieces, it cooks down quickly when heated.   They may not even notice the onion.  Another benefit of a minced onion is you do not need to precook the onion or saute it before using it in your recipe.

The video below is showing how to dice an onion.  The onion would be cut even smaller if mincing it.







Now, Let’s Talk Bell Pepper

My favorite cuisine is Cajun food.  Cajun cooks know how to flavor food.  It is always full of flavor.  They do this with the “Holy Trinity”.  That is what Cajun people call bell pepper, celery, and onion.  You will find the combination in most everything they make.  While living in the Northshore of New Orleans, I fell in love with the food and learned everything I could about cooking and baking.

To cook Cajun food, I had to learn how to prepare a bell pepper.  Bell pepper whether it is green, yellow, or red add lots of color and flavor to a recipe.

Hopefully, the following steps and pictures will teach you how to cut a bell pepper.  It is easy to do, and I think it is a lot of fun to cut one up.

First Step:  Bell Pepper Ends

Cut a small amount of both ends off a bell pepper.

Cut both ends off a bell pepper

Second Step:  Cut The Side Of The Bell Pepper

Set the bell pepper on one of the flat ends.  Use a sharp knife and cut one end to the other.

Slice bell pepper from one end to the other

Third Step:  Cut Around The Center

Start cutting entirely around the center of the bell pepper.  You are detaching the membrane from the green pepper.  You will end up with one long strip of bell pepper.

Put bell pepper on side and carve out center

Large strip of bell pepper with center removed

Fourth Step: Cut Bell Pepper In Small Strips

Flip the membrane side of the bell pepper down on a cutting board.  Cut small strips of bell pepper.

open up bell pepper and slice thin

Fifth Step:  Cut Bell Pepper In Small Pieces

Gather several bell pepper strips up in your fingers and make small cuts across the end of them.

Gather slices of bell pepper and dice together

My Favorite Recipes Using Onions, Bell Pepper, or Both



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