Losing a child is any parent’s worst nightmare.

Mary Beth Chapman talks about life’s struggles and hope in her book Choosing to SEE.

Choosing to SEE is in the New York Times Bestselling Book list.

It is also an Amazon editor’s pick for 2015 best books.  I loved both times I read Choosing to SEE.  Mary Beth Chapman takes you on her life’s long journey leading up to and following the death of her youngest daughter Maria.  She is so open and honest about her hardships in this book which is encouraging.  Marybeth exemplifies true devotion to God by Choosing to SEE God in the midst of a nightmare. All the while, she also encourages others to give their problems entirely to God.  I have seen deaths destroy the lives of their loved ones.  Whether it is death or any other issue, we have to find our peace in God and trust in His greater plan.  This book hits home with me because of my lifetime of struggles and all the sleepless nights that I have asked God Why Me?!

I love Mary Beth’s Book Choosing to SEE so much I decided to write about it.  I in no way received any compensation for this review.

BEST ENCOURAGING BOOK Mary Beth Chapman - Choosing to SEE

The Chapman’s have three biological children and three adopted children. They lost their youngest daughter, Maria, in a terrible accident in May 2008.

In Choosing to SEE, Mary Beth talk’s about life’s biggest questions:   Where is God when things fall apart?  Why does God allow terrible things to happen?  How can I survive hard times?   If you are going through a difficult period in your life, this book will challenge you to Choose to SEE God in the struggle.


I am positive Mary Beth Chapman and the Chapman family would love to have Maria back with them.  Accidents happen, and their precious Maria cannot be with them physically anymore. There is one thing you can count on in life.  You are either coming out of a struggle, in the middle of a battle or going into a struggle.  Battles happen to everyone.  As Christians, we live to encourage others.  Mary Beth does an excellent and incredibly inspiring job sharing her detailed story.  I know it will help you no matter what kind of struggles you are going through.

Mary Beth talks about how God was not writing her story (her life), according to her plan.

I am sure a lot of us can relate to that.  I know I can.  Her challenge was to believe that “all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” I do not know about you, but believing this verse would seem nearly impossible when faced with losing a precious child.  Make sure you have your tissues, this book will get you cry, but I have to admit there were parts in the book where I couldn’t contain my laughter.

Mary Beth Chapman is married to Grammy and Dove Award-winning Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman, who is an amazing storyteller songwriter.  He has many encouraging songs, but I have a few favorites.  If you have not heard “Long Way Home” or “Something Beautiful,” you have to take the time to listen to the words of these songs below.  I know they will encourage you.

In 2003, the Chapman’s started a non-profit organization called Show Hope which was named after their oldest adopted daughter Shaohannah Hope.

It was created to help assist families who wanted to adopt children but could not afford the initial cost.

My husband and I adopted two children from overseas in July 2006.

I know it can be expensive.  The Chapman’s are not only blessing the families with the financial means to adopt, but the program also blesses the beautiful children too.  It is important to remember that an adoption is a tool God uses to illustrate his love. My kids had never heard about God before being adopted.  Adoption is a wonderful way to show the love of God.  It is also a perfect picture of what God did for us.  He adopted us through the blood of Jesus.  No matter how difficult it is to adopt or the struggles you may encounter after adoption; we have to know how much God loves us to show His love to others.

The year after Maria’s death the Chapman’s had a grand opening for Maria’s Big House of Hope dedicated in honor of Maria.

Maria’s Big House of Hope will help over 100 orphans with special needs in China.  God is using the Chapman family to give hope to so many orphans both with Maria’s Big House and Show Hope. You can read more about the excellent place called Maria’s Big House of Hope on their website.


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