Reviewing McDonald’s Chef Crafted Sandwiches 

This is a paid post but my experience, opinion, and recommendations are truly my own.McDonald's Chef Crafted Sandwiches & Giveaway! #ad

If you have not tried a McDonald’s Chef Crafted sandwich, I wanted to share my experience.  I hope it gives you an idea of how these sandwiches taste.  The McDonald’s coupon for a free medium drink and fry with purchase just for voting on which sandwich you would prefer is a great way to try McDonald’s new Chef Crafted Sandwiches.  So, be sure to vote!

Typically Go To McDonald’s Only For Breakfast

I’ll be honest.  I typically go to McDonald’s and order one of my favorites.  My order normally includes a fruit smoothie, fruit and yogurt parfait, oatmeal, hot chocolate, McGriddle, a crispy chicken sandwich, white chocolate mocha, a delicious shake or apple pie, or some hot fries.  What you don’t typically see me getting here is a burger.  After seeing McDonald’s new commercial where several chefs are crafting together their new sandwiches, I could not wait to try these sandwiches, even the burger.  The one thing McDonald’s always seems to do well is their commercials.  If you have not seen their new commercial for these McDonald’s Chef Crafted Sandwiches, you will have to check it out.  

I had been out-of-town for several weeks.  My father in law had been in the hospital in Nashville.  He passed away on November 19, 2015.  Afterward, we spent a week in Kentucky with my mother in law.  Life has been stressful and extremely busy trying to get caught up after being out-of-town.  I had taken my son to the doctor one day last week and still felt behind on most things.  Life gets extremely busy, and then you add all the holiday must do’s to a normal busy life and I started to feel overwhelmed.  Even though I truly love to cook, it was time for a break.  After the doctor’s visit, I decided it was the perfect time to stop by and try McDonald’s Chef sandwiches.  I picked them up and brought them home to try and review.

What I liked right off the bat?  You Customize your own McDonald’s Chef Crafted Sandwich

McDonald’s gives customers the opportunity to customize their sandwich.  You can pick the protein option which includes a beef patty, crispy buttermilk chicken, or artisan grilled chicken. There is also a choice between an artisan roll or sesame seed bun, and finally you can pick one of three new flavor combinations: Buffalo Bacon, Pico-guacamole, or Maple Bacon Dijon.

There were three of us, so I chose the following McDonald’s Chef Crafted Sandwiches.

McDonald's Chef Crafted Sandwiches & Giveaway!Maple Bacon Dijon with crispy buttermilk chicken on an artisan roll

Maple Bacon Dijon consists of maple-seasoned bacon, grilled onions, Honey Dijon sauce, processed white cheddar, and leaf lettuce.  My family and I shared these sandwiches.  We were all in agreement that the Maple Bacon Dijon was our favorite sandwich.  I enjoyed it.  The Honey Dijon sauce was sweet with a little kick the way I love my food.  The maple bacon was very good.  What was surprising was the generous amount of maple bacon on this sandwich The grilled onions were also delicious.  I wish it had more of them.  I will try McDonald’s Maple Bacon Dijon sandwich again.

  1. McDonald's Chef Crafted Sandwiches & Giveaway! #adA Pico Guacamole with a beef patty on an artisan roll.  

  2. The guacamole sandwich includes Pico de gallo, guacamole, ranch, white cheddar, and leaf lettuce, served with a lime wedge on the side.  The guacamole was creamy, flavorful and a hit.  Give this sandwich a thumbs up.  I am not sure if a tiny bit of spice was coming from the guacamole or the Pico de gallo, but it was a nice surprise.  I did not taste a whole lot of the other ingredients, but it did not even matter after tasting the guacamole.  It was that good to me.#McDonald's #Chef Crafted #Sandwiches #Review on blog

    A Buffalo Bacon with a beef patty on an artisan roll.  

    The buffalo bacon includes a creamy blue cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, buffalo sauce, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, and shredded green lettuce.  I liked the flavors a lot, but I do think that it could have used a bit more of the buffalo sauce.  This sandwich included ample amount of bacon that we all enjoyed.#McDonald's #Chef Crafted #Sandwiches #Review on blog

What else did I like about McDonald’s Chef Crafted Sandwiches?

  • On all three of these sandwiches, we chose the artisan roll.  I am so glad we did.  It was fresh, soft on inside, and golden on the outside.  I love bread, and normally it is the first thing I always notice.  I was not disappointed in the McDonald’s artisan roll.
  • The Maple Bacon Dijon and the Buffalo Bacon sandwich had plenty of bacon on them which was a surprise and very good.
  • The chicken was battered very well and super crunchy but moist.  Overall the crispy chicken was a good choice.
  • Chef-Crafted Flavors are available at McDonald’s stores.  These sandwiches start around $4.99.

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