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Are you interested in working with me?  Do you have a food or kitchen product and need more exposure?  

Take a look at Recipes For Our Daily Bread ‘s social media and pageviews.  My viewership more than doubles during each holiday and continues to gain steady followers all year long.  My email list is currently 3000 and is growing each week.

Recipes For Our Daily Bread is where I blog about easy recipes, and  Our American Travels is where I blog about Family Fun Travel Adventures.

Recipes For Our Daily Bread includes easy recipes designed to bring families together around the table.  By giving my readers recipes with step by step instructions with pictures, simple ingredients, and often video instructions, you can create delicious recipes quick and easy.  This includes easy Holiday Recipes To Celebrate Every Occasion.

Food Competitions I have placed in this year

November 2018, Finished 5th in Desserts at World Food Championships plus, had a rare PERFECT SCORE.

2018, Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Contest – Video Winner

2018, Eggland’s Best Recipe Contest – Finalist in the top 10 recipes for the Mid-West.

March 2018, Lucky Leaf Personal Creation Recipe Contest – First Pize Winner

November 2017, Finished 3rd in Desserts at World Food Championships plus, had a rare PERFECT SCORE.

I competed in the World Food Championships in Desserts.  God opened up the doors and overwhelmed me.  After the first and seconds rounds, I finished not only in first place but had a perfect score on my first dessert.  This was my first time competing at the World Food Championships.  I had no idea I would do well enough to place in the top 10 in the World so I was not prepared for a third recipe.  My third dessert placed well enough to finish fourth with gave me an overall third place finish.  READ THE FULL DETAILS

In May 2017, I was a Finalist on the TODAY SHOW for top dessert category in the Ultimate Cookoff Contest.  Read all about my TODAY SHOW experience.

May 2017, I was a featured on the TODAY SHOW FOOD CLUB Breakfast Challenge.

In June 2017, I was a Finalist on KARK news in Little Rock with the top four BBQ recipes in Arkansas.

July 2017, Recipe Lion had a contest called Summer Potluck Recipe Challenge; I was a top 10 Finalist with TWO of my recipes.

In October 2017, I  am a top 10 Finalist and will be competing for the National Banana Pudding Contest championship.

Please feel free to contact Me.

Social Media Followers as of October 2018 Include:

  • Current Email Followers – 4,750
  • Pinterest – 63,000
  • Twitter – Recipes for our Daily Bread – 5,534
  • Twitter – Our American Travels – 1,490
  • Google+ Diane Roark – 4,235
  • Facebook– Recipes for our Daily Bread – 12,465
  • Facebook – Our American Travels – 262
  • Instagram – Recipes for our Daily Bread – 2,101
  • Instagram – Our American Travels – 508
  • YouTube – 382
  • Blog Lovin – 171

PAGEVIEWS: 509,508 November 12, 2016, to December 12, 2016



Demographics for Recipes for our Daily Bread 

Recipes for our Daily Bread Demographic Followers

Do you have a product or service that is family friendly?

Then you are just the advertiser that my readers would love to support.  Together, we can help build families who want to spend more time together.

I would be thrilled to use my blogs, Recipes For Our Daily Bread and Our American Travels, to promote any products or services which encourage families to spend time cooking together, eating around the table together, playing together and vacationing together. 

Here Are Some Ways We Can Work Together

If you are interested in working with me in any of these areas, please contact me dianeroark8484 @ BellSouth net

If being compensated in any way for any advertising, I will state that on my blog post.

Recipe Development

We request that you provide the product you want in the recipe, either by mail, full-value coupon or send funds to purchase the item.  We have done recipe development for recipes to be put on our website, as well as the development of recipes for a company website.

Sponsored posts

We will incorporate your company or product into a post.  Your company will be incorporated organically.

Product Testing

I get excited about testing new products and thrilled to offer this option!  You will send a product sample to give away to my readers (2 to 3 giveaway samples plus one for me to review).  It must have the value and be a useful kitchen item.   I will document the truthful experience on the blog.

Please note, I will use my fair and honest opinion when presenting information about the product to my readers.  If you would like me to review a product, please contact me with “product review” in the subject line.  I will not recommend a product to my followers I have not used.

I always want to be able to give my honest opinion.  If I do not feel like I can write a positive review, I will contact your company before writing the post.

Affiliate Partnerships

Companies willing to form an affiliate relationship for us can be very successful.  As an affiliate partnership, we get a portion of any revenue our site generates to your company.

Social media promotion

We can share your company with our readers through visual media.

Brand ambassadorships

My ultimate goal is to promote the perfect product for my audience that they will love.  In return, the brands will see increased activity on their social media plus my followers will purchase their products.

Newsletter inclusion

We will mention your company in our newsletter. We also offer the option of putting an ad for your company in each of our weekly newsletters.  We currently have 3500 newsletter followers.

Video creation

If you are interested in me creating a video of one of your recipes or one that I develop, please contact me, dianeroark8484 @ bellsouth net




How To Make Best Macaroni Salad For Summer


EASY STEPS EASTER CUPCAKES with Nestlé Fun Dip & Jelly Beans

Nestle Easter Candy can be used for more than just Easter Baskets.

What is included in each Post?  How much does it Cost?

  • A post for your product with at least three pictures.
  • Includes a larger picture 735 x 1200 for Pinterest
  • Will include any packaging in the pictures.
  • Include three “No Follow” Links. Back to social media or blog.
  • Will not usually accept offers without being able to try out the product.
  • Cost per post $500 for Recipes for our Daily Bread and $200 for Our American Travels. – This is based on the number of my page views, email,  and social media followers.  As that grows, I will update the price on this page.
  • Keep in mind that once I agree to write a post, it takes about three to four weeks before it is up on my blog.

Please email me first to see if your brand will be a good match for Recipes For Our Daily Bread.  dianeroark8484 @ bellsouth net

  • Sponsored content on our website is paid for.  In some situations, we may be willing to take product in exchange for a post, but in this case, the product must be of equal or greater value to our sponsored post rates.
  • All links in sponsored posts are no-follow. This is non-negotiable.
  • We will heavily promote all posts.
  • We love for companies to promote the content we create for them on their social networks!
  • All sponsored work is done in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


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