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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out these party games. 

If you need some super fun party games that everyone can play, I have several great ideas for you.  We will never forget all the fun we had while playing these four party games.


I know my blog is 95% recipes, but I had to share these super fun party games with you.  Family and friends should laugh together, and these party games will have your family and friends laughing out loud.  This Christmas season we spent a couple of days with family in Tennessee.   My husband’s first cousin, Tena, was a gracious host.  She surprised us with four new party games.  Tena hosted 20 of us ages 13 years old to grandparents in their 70’s.  Everyone participated in these party games and had a great time.  At one point, I scanned the room and found most of us were bursting out laughing.  If laughter increases your chances of living a long time, we will all be living into our 90’s.

How do I describe our family?

My family is all loud.  They laugh, joke, cut up, and talk OVER each other.  We often finish each other’s sentences from across the room.  We play games with boys (men) against the girls (ladies) which are more like a war.  This year, we did play some board games where we played boys against girls, but Tena included four non-board games which were hilarious.  It was a great way to get everyone involved.

Four party games that everyone can participate in and love.


Pie Face!  Party Game

I do not get a commission on this Pie Face party game, but I truly loved it and would highly recommend getting it for a crowd.  On the box it states this game is recommended for 5-year-olds and up.  Trust me, we all acted like 5-year-olds when playing it.  It is one of those products when you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”.   A Plastic toy with a hole cut out to place your face in, is basically the whole game.  It has an arm with a hand where you put the whipped topping.  You take turns twisting a little lever until you get unlucky.  At that point, the hand full of whipped topping flys forward until the topping is all over your face.  

It Is Just Whipped Topping

Do not worry the hand never touches your face just the whipped topping.  We took turns turning the lever until everyone got hit in the face.   After it had hit the second to the last person, we had a winner.  Cousin Holly, the winner of the Pie Face party game never got pie/whipped topping on her face.  

My Special Needs Son LOVE this Game!

This game was so easy to play that even Caleb my special needs son could participate.  He loved it so much but was one of the first people to get out.  After the game was over my Caleb, who rarely speaks due to processing problems,  picked up the can of whipped topping and began to spray Holly.  He realized that Holly won and never got the Pie in Her Face.  I am sure Caleb was thinking Holly never experienced all the fun.  

I am sure Holly was thinking she was so glad she won and never got the whipped topping all over her face.  Fortunately, the can was empty, but we all were shocked by the extremely rare never in a million years behavior from Caleb.  We were all rolling on the floor after he tried to spray Holly.  I would say that this game was a tremendous hit.  Thank you, Tena, for including this simple crazy Pie Face game.  You were the hostess with the mostest.

Pie Face tip:

If you are not outside while playing this party game, have everyone take turns in your kitchen.  Tena’s kitchen floor was tile, and she has a large island.  The kitchen island was a perfect place for this Pie Face game.  The whipped topping pretty much hits your face and stays.  It does not fly everywhere, but it may drip.  You will want to stay in the kitchen.


Stack the cups 

Stack the cups is another super simple game.  We simply stack 36 plastic cups up starting with 8 on the bottom level and working up to one on top.  When we finished stacking them, we quickly took them all down without a single cup falling on its own.  Each person played until we had a winner from each group with the fastest time.  We had about 6 or 7 in each group.  The had three people in the playoffs two girls against one boy.  The boy’s  cups fell quickly, and it was between the two girls.  Somehow after my daughter Carly won, we started throwing plastic cups at each other which was also a lot of fun.  We had cups flying everywhere.


Human Christmas Tree 

I have often played a similar game at bridal showers where you race to dress several people in a wedding dress and attire.  The only catch is the wedding dress is made out of toilet tissue and a few other items.  This time, Tena had supplies including Christmas paper, bows, tape, and candy canes to make hilarious human Christmas trees.  Our party of 20 broke up into three teams to decorate 3 of our family members as human trees.  Daniel my nephew and his decorating team that consisted of Casey and Caleb my sons, Katelynn, Tena’s daughter and her father Wayne won the human Christmas tree decorating game.  This group shocked me.  I had no idea they were such great wardrobe designers.


Candy Cane Pickup

Each person had twelve candy canes to stack up in any way they thought would help them pick them up the easiest.  Next, we placed the straight end of a candy cane in our mouth.  We used the hook part of the candy cane to pick the candy canes up that we had stacked up.  The candy canes were picked up and then placed them in a container.  We could not use our hands.  Our hands had to be under the table.  We could stand up, twist and turn and get as close to the table as possible.  Again, we could not use our hands which made this game a lot harder and lots of fun.  The first person to pick all the candy canes up and placed them in their container won the game.  Carly, my oldest daughter, won this candy cane pick up game.

Again, I want to thank Tena and her husband, Wayne for graciously hosting this exciting Christmas gathering with lots of fun party games.  We will never forget this crazy family fun filled Christmas.   You Rock!

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