Did you know that the easiest way to peel ginger is using a spoon?

This post includes a video to show you how easy it is to peel ginger with an ordinary spoon.  It is so easy to peel ginger with a spoon your kids can do it.

Using a spoon is the best kitchen gadget to use to peel ginger.   If you use a knife or vegetable peeler on fresh ginger, it removes chunks of ginger with the skin.  Because of the knobs on fresh ginger, it is difficult to peel.  So, don’t use a knife or a vegetable peeler!  The best way to peel ginger is to use a spoon.

To peel ginger with a spoon, hold the ginger in one hand and scrape the spoon toward you or scrape the spoon down toward the table.  Either way works.  I like to rest one end of the ginger on a flat surface or cutting board while scraping the ginger toward the cutting board.  If you are scraping the ginger around the knobs, you may want to cut the knob off, and then you can easily get all the way around it.



Food Champs In Your Local Walmart

Would you like to see a live demonstration of how to peel fresh ginger and more Fun Food Facts?  Check out your local Walmart.  Food Champs will be in Walmart all over the United States.  SEE FOOD CHAMP SCHEDULE HERE.  

The World Food Championships has opened up doors for me to become a Walmart Food Champ.  As a Food Champ, I will be demonstrating EASY AFFORDABLE recipes featuring Great Value products.

Lots of SAMPLES and Fun Food Facts TOO!   Stop by and see me at the following locations.

North Little Rock, AR  Walmart – E Mccain Blvd 8/18 & 8/19
Jacksonville, AR  Walmart – John Harden Dr 8/25 & 8/26
Fayetteville, AR  Walmart – W Martin Luther King Blvd 9/15 & 9/16
Rogers, AR Walmart – W Walnut St 9/22 & 9/23


Mark Your Calendar For World Food Championships

If you follow my blog, you may already know that last year was my first year to compete at the World Food Championships.  Because I finished in the top 10 in the dessert category, I earned a golden ticket to compete again this year.  The competition will be back in the beautiful city of Orange Beach, Alabama from November 7 – 11, 2018.  If you find yourself addicted to watching food competition on television, why not come to watch it in person.  I would love for you cheer me on as I compete to be the World Food Champion.   If I peeked your interest, you can read more about the weekly activities, all ten food competition categories, and more with the link above.

Last year, I finished third in desserts.  You can read more about it here.

World Food Championships gets bigger and better each year.  This year Walmart has signed on to be a big sponsor.  The winner of each category receives $10,000 Cash.  Not only do you earn cash, but opportunities to do other things open up that would not usually happen.  They will go on to compete at the final table, and the winner will receive $100,000 Cash.  Now, do you see why I get so excited to have an opportunity to compete?  It is a big deal, and I am very THANKFUL for the opportunity.

Watch last year’s video on my Facebook Page.


Behind The Scenes

I am happy to announce that my travel blog, Our American Travels, is receiving a well-needed facelift.  It will not only look better but will be easier to find reviews on your favorite vacation spots. 

Be sure to check out the following recipes using ginger.

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