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Eat crispy fried food often with this “HEALTHY” Philips Airfryer without the guilt of all the unhealthy fat.  

Now you can eat crispy fried food with a teaspoon of oil or even NO oil at all?  The Philips Airfryer is a fantastic way to fry food.

This is definitely how you fried food the healthier way using an air fryer. Trust ME!  I use this Philips Airfryer daily and love it.  THIS IS HOW TO FRY FOOD THE HEALTHIER AIRFRYER WAY




I cannot tell you how excited I am after trying this Philips Airfryer.  Before I get started with this post, I want you to know that I am not selling Philips Airfryers.  For your convenience, I added a link to Walmart below where I found a good deal on this Philips Airfryer.  I will make a small commission if you purchase these products BUT it will NOT COST you any extra money.  


I have been doing a “Happy Dance” every time I use my Philips Airfryer.  Now, I can eat the Southern fried food I love, and it is Healthy.  Seriously,  the Philips Airfryer fries food with AIR, and it gets crispy.

You may already know I grew up in LA, lower Alabama.  It is as far south as you can get without driving into the Gulf or driving to Florida.  I have always lived in the south including; Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, New Orleans and now in Arkansas.  Trust me; Southerners love fried foods.  We all know fried food is horrible for you and I try hard to eat it in moderation and restrain myself from eating it every day.  Sometimes, I just have to have my favorite thing in the world which is hot fried chicken.  I also love fried shrimpfried catfish, french fries, onion rings, Krispy KremesBeignets, or even a corn dog every once in a while.

Philips Airfryer is Healthier Way to Fry Food and Fast!

This Philips Airfryer not only allows you to eat crispy fried food without all the fat, but it cooks the food incredibly fast.  From my experience, everything I cooked fried crispy in about half or even a third of the time it would have taken to bake it in the oven.  It has also been much crispier than baking it.  Because it fries foods quickly, it is perfect for a quick lunch or a dinner when you do not have time to cook.  I have even cooked frozen chicken breast and legs in it.  The frozen chicken took longer to cook than when they were thawed, but they turned out great, and they still cooked faster than cooking them in the oven.

I love this Airfryer!  It is a little expensive, but it is the BEST way to healthier fried food.  To me, it was a great investment. 

For your convenience, below are the products used in this post.

This post contains affiliate links.  I will make a small commission if you purchase these products BUT it will not cost you any extra money.  

Please see my disclosure.


Below are some of the food I have made using my Philips Airfryer.  Fried Pork Chops, Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Toasted Ravioli, Egg Rolls, and Chicken Wings.  I cannot wait to try bread and dessert recipes.

Update on my Philips Airfryer after one year

After one year, I still love and use my Philips Airfryer every day.


  • The basket is small.  If you have a large family, you will want to purchase two of these Airfryers.
  • Cleaning can be difficult.  Be sure to spray it with a cooking spray.  I scrub the inside the best I can with soap and a nonabrasive brush.  This gets rid of all the large crumbs.  Next, I put the basket and the tray the basket sits in into the dishwasher.

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    • Steve,

      Thank you for leaving me a message about using your Philips Air Fryer. I truly agree it is amazing and everyone should have one. Maybe someone will start a fast food restaurant using Philips Air Fryers. Wouldn’t that be great and change the health of America.
      I love my fried food but now it can be a little healthier. YUM!

      Diane Roark
      Diane Roark recently posted…HOW TO MAKE KID FRIENDLY SLOW COOKER PIZZA SOUPMy Profile

  1. I love my Phillips Air Fryer too. I have used it for steak, pork chops, chicken wings, fish, sausage and, of course, fries. I recently purchased some accessories including the baking pan and discovered I could use one third of a boxed cake mix to bake a mini cake which is the perfect size to allow my husband and me two servings each. I cannot tell you how many times I have baked a cake only to throw at least half of it away.

    I have found the Air Fryer is great for warming left overs. Another benefit not to be taken lightly is how easy it is to clean this appliance. I am savings loads of time in the kitchen and have found myself becoming more creative with recipes.

  2. Nice review! Looks and sounds good! I love making our own chicken fingers but dealing with a ton of oil is a headache sometimes and would love to be able to make it healthier!

  3. Interesting tool for kitchen,i really need it for my fast food,that makes my life so so so easy specially with my children when they comes from school they need to eat quickly as they can,Thank y so much for sharing with us this fabulous tool.Thanks once again.

  4. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT! This is a fabulous kitchen must! Thanks for sharing this so I can plan, dream and get one. What a very very cool kitchen tool! Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  5. I am definitely going to have to look into this for us, as we love fried foods, but I truly hate how unhealthy they are for you. This really does look like a great way to fry foods, but still stay healthy. So, huge thank you for reviewing this Airfryer here today, Diane 😉
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Fake It, But Still Not Making ItMy Profile

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