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I have been in love with cooking ever since I got thrown into the kitchen when I was 13 years old. When I was 13, my mom left our family.  This not so great of experience turned into a positive one by me discovering my love for cooking.

I started a recipe blog, Recipes For Our Daily Bread, in 2011 that initially started to have a place to gather all my recipes to pass down to my children.  It grew into a full-time business. 

Recipes For Our Daily Bread includes quick and easy recipes designed to help people have a homecooked meal and bring families together around the table. 

By giving my readers recipes with step-by-step instructions with pictures, simple ingredients, and often video instructions, you can whip up a meal in no time.

In 2017, my special needs son, who loves watching the TODAY Show, wanted me to enter a dessert contest.  I was one of the top two contestants who got an opportunity to demonstrate my recipe on the TODAY Show. I was hooked! After that experience, I searched on-line for food competitions and found the World Food Championships.  The World Food Championships is the largest culinary competition in the world. 

In 2017, I also entered as a wild card and finished in 1st place in desserts after the first two rounds with a rare perfect score.  I ended up 3rd in desserts my first time at WFC.  I have been hooked ever since and have remained in the top 5 in desserts every year plus, now I have two perfect scores.

In 2019, I finished 4th at World Food Championships in the dessert category with a Golden Ticket to compete in Nov. 2020.
In 2018, I took 5th place at WFC in the dessert category with my second perfect score on my structured dish, a tart.
In 2017, I finished 3rd in desserts with a rare perfect score on my structured dish, a Caramel Apple Swiss Roll.
Three years of WFC competitions, three top-five finishes in dessert, and the only World Food Champion in any category accomplish two perfect scores.

I have a passion for cooking and food. I work full-time developing recipes for my food blog, https://recipesforourdailybread.com, and brands I use and love.

Walmart Food Champ Recipe Club

Becoming a World Food Champ has opened up doors at Walmart, where I demonstrate Easy Affordable Recipes using Marketside and Great Value products. Teaching customers about Walmart’s products, plus giving them kitchen tips and other recipes using the products, has been a fabulous experience.

My spare time is spent enjoying my family, competing in food competitions, and being a food judge.  In 2018, I trained to be an E.A.T. (Execution, Appearance, and Taste) certified food judge with the World Food Championships.

My family includes my wonderful husband, Jerry, who I married in 1984 and our five young adult children including our special needs son, Caleb.  Caleb has had 17 brain surgeries, shunt, cerebral palsy, and seizures.  He is my full-time sous chef, loves cooking, and has the sweetest personality. 

My family has always accused me of being “crazy competitive,” and now I am thrilled to have an outlet for it with Food Sports competitions and WFC.

I am an extreme competitor in every sense of the word. I work hard, practice hard, and always do my absolute best.  My saying is, “Do Your Best and Let God Do The Rest.”

My Family and WFC Sous Chefs

My husband, Jerry, and I have been married since August 1984. He is my sous chef. We have five children between the ages of 17 and 27, including a special needs son and two adoptive children. My husband’s sister and my hero, Marsha Harper, is my other sous chef. She is a three-time cancer survivor. She is currently on a ten-year chemo treatment plan.

I believe that the best advertisement for a product is word of mouth. If I am looking to purchase a new product, I search for someone who has used the product to give me their opinion. I use both my recipe blog, Recipes For Our Daily Bread, and travel blog, Our American Travels, Facebook, Instagram, 75,000 Pinterest followers, and over 6000 email followers to promote brands I use and love.

GuidePosts Magazine Story

My GuidePosts Magazine Story, March issue 2019, of my World Food Championships Journey here.


When not competing, I am a regular home cook like most of you.  I am doing my best every day to get a delicious meal on the table for my family.  The recipes on my blog are for busy cooks who need quick & easy recipes.

Recipes For Our Daily Bread and Our American Travels are personal blogs written and edited by Diane Roark.  Recipes For Our Daily Bread is where I blog about easy recipes to help you put dinner on the table quickly. Our American Travels is where I blog about family fun travel ideas in America.

Follow Recipes For Our Daily Bread By Receiving The Newsletters

I would love for you to follow my blogs! I send out weekly emails whenever new posts are added to my blogs and what is happening behind the scenes. When you follow along, you will get to download 50 easy recipes.

Where Am I From?

Alabama is where I was born. I have lived all over the South including Tennessee, Louisiana, and Georgia.  Currently, I have lived near Little Rock, Arkansas since 2009.

How Recipes For Our Daily Bread Started

Recipes For Our Daily Bread was started in November 2011 as a way to document my recipes for my family and friends. Today, I have over 600 recipes, and 400,000 people visit each month.

Passionate About

I am passionate about faith, family, food, travel, photography, and food competitions.  My blogs are used to encourage others.  I believe that the best advertisement for a product is word of mouth.  If I am looking to purchase a new product, I search for someone who has used the product to give me their opinion.

Food Competitions

October 16 – 20, 2019  4th place finish in dessert at World Food Championships.  Golden Ticket to compete at The World Food Championships in November 2020 in Dallas, Texas.

November 2018, 5th at the World Food Championships in desserts with another perfect score which was on my structured dish, a tart.

October 6, 2018, Top 10 finalist in the National Banana Pudding Contest in Centerville, Tennessee.

2018 Eggland’s Best “America’s Best Recipe” Contest Regional Finalist Voting Stage September 2018

2018 Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown Fan Favorite $1000.00 Prize Winner

March 2018, Lucky Leaf Personal Creation Recipe Contest – First Prize Winner

November 2017, 3rd place at the World Food Championships in Desserts.  After the first and seconds rounds, I finished not only in first place but had a perfect score on my first dessert.  This was my first time competing at the World Food Championships.  I had no idea I would do well enough to place in the top 10 in the World, so I was not prepared for a third recipe.  My third dessert placed well enough to finish fourth with gave me an overall third-place finish.  READ THE FULL DETAILS

In October 2017, Top 10 Finalists and will be competing for the National Banana Pudding Contest championship.

July 2017, Recipe Lion had a contest called Summer Potluck Recipe Challenge; I was a top 10 Finalist with TWO of my recipes.

In June 2017, I was a Finalist on KARK news in Little Rock with the top four BBQ recipes in Arkansas.

In May 2017, I was a Finalist on the TODAY SHOW for top dessert category in the Ultimate Cookoff Contest.  Read all about my TODAY SHOW experience.

May 2017, I was featured on the TODAY SHOW FOOD CLUB Breakfast Challenge.

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9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Diane,
    I recently found the recipe you posted some years ago called “Frizzle Biscuits” using Bisquick and Lemon Lime Soda. The Prep and Total Time listed is 5 HOURS 25 MIN. ??
    This seems a little much for mixing a batter and baking only 10-12 minutes. Was this a printing error or am I missing something in the recipe. I did not see anything about refrigerating or rise time in the recipe??? What is the correct time for Prep and Total time.
    Thank you for any help you could gice me on this recipe.

    • Jim,

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Recipes For Our Daily Bread. You are correct! My Fizzle Biscuits, Sprite Biscuits, were posted years ago in 2013. I make these quick and easy biscuits all the time. They are so light and fabulous.
      I recently got a new recipe plugin that I type my recipe in it. The prep and cook time have to be entered manually for all 600 recipes. I am finding a few recipes that still have not been corrected and this is one. It should read prep time 10 minutes and cook time 10 to 12 minutes.
      You simply mix them up, add the melted butter to the 8×8 baking dish, drop the biscuit batter in the butter and bake. The recipe makes 9 biscuits.

      Have a great weekend!
      Diane Roark

  2. Hey Diane,

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! After doing some searching on your social media channels we found your group board “Camping Ideas” on Pinterest and are so impressed with the incredible content on it.

    We are reaching out in hopes of being added as contributors. If added as contributors we promise to always follow the rules and never spam your board.

    We understand the importance of keeping a highly engaged group board and look forward to pinning with you.

    Please know that we are more than willing to help you out with anything you might need in the near future.

    Seriously, anything you need let us know!

    We are Kelan & Brittany the founders of The Savvy Couple. Our blog is based on the principle of making other peoples lives better, hence our slogan “Live Life Better”. We have a bunch of great camping content we know your followers will enjoy.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Email: savvyklines@gmail.com
    Pinterest: pinterest.com/thesavvycouple

  3. Hello Diane,
    It was so good meeting you at the WFC in Alabama this year, I love your testimony. it is of great faith to walk through trials and come out with such an awesome outlook.
    I hope to stay in touch and see you next year. Prayers are with you and your family this year.
    Lynette Clemens LWTECHettes.

    • Lynette,

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Recipes For Our Daily Bread. I was excited to see you left me a comment. It was a pleasure meeting you too. I had so much fun at World Food Championships and cannot wait until next year.

      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
      Many blessings,
      Diane Roark

  4. Hi Diane! Thanks for doing what you do. It is so hard to find time to cook these days, so we totally dig your blog. Thanks again for sharing all your recipes and creativity with a zest. What a great press release too!

    • Phillip,

      Thank you for stopping by Recipes For Our Daily Bread and for your encouraging words. I am thrilled, blessed and humbled to announce that I am on my way home today from being at the World Food Championships. This was my first year and after three rounds I placed 3rd in the World in the desserts. I am very thankful and overwhelmed that I made it to the top. The competition was fierce and included chefs, professional teams, and home cooks. Because I finished in the top 10, I qualified to go back next year. WOW! GOD IS SO GOOD!

      Thank you for your support!
      Diane Roark


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