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Are you saving your children’s keepsake t-shirts, sports jerseys, or baby clothes?  Are you looking for a way to organize them or a very special gift for an older child? 



I just love this idea to make a quilt out of the sentimental clothes you are saving.  It is an excellent way to organized all those emotional clothes in a way you can still use them too.  I wanted to make a quilt for my oldest daughter when she graduated from high school but did not get it done because we were in the process of moving.  Carly had saved all her t-shirts throughout high school and had several that she did not want to get rid of.  Making a quilt just seemed like the perfect solution to preserve these memories.  Since I do not own a sewing machine, I decided to try a company called Campus Quilt Company,, to make Carly a special quilt for her 21st birthday.  The process was very easy.  They sent us to step by step instructions.  We had to wash all the t-shirts, lay them out and put them in number order of how we wanted them on the quilt,  and select the backing color.  We mailed the shirts to Campus Quilt Company.  In about three weeks, we had a beautiful quilt filled with Carly’s great high school memories.  The quilt came out so well that I cannot wait to make a quilt for each one of my children using all the baby clothes I have saved for them.  The examples online of the quilts made from baby clothes were precious.  In one square, you can include a baby outfit along with booties or a hat.  You can go online using the above link to see all the different quilt designs.

MAKE A SPECIAL MEMORIES QUILT TO KEEP FOREVER - Highschool t-shirts made into a quilt.
Carly’s Highschool t-shirts made into a quilt.

This is just an idea, but if you know someone who has lost a loved one, I believe taking some of their clothing and making a quilt would help keep their memories forever.  I could imagine the person wrapping the quilt around them when times are tough and feel comforted by their loved one.

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