Do you enjoy cool Kitchen gadgets?  Enter for a chance to win all of these kitchen gadgets by Tovolo.  Ends 6/27/2014 enter below.

Yes, Tovolo gave me these products to try and another set to giveaway, but the opinion of these products are truly what I believe. 

I get excited when I get to spend time in the kitchen with my family cooking, communicating, and making memories that will last a lifetime.  When I am in the kitchen with my family, I love to have kitchen gadgets that make cooking fun and easier.  Tovolo makes colorful kitchen products that are very well made.  Most of Tovolo’s kitchen gadgets are dishwasher safe that is a huge plus for me.

Because Tovolo is allowing me to give away so many of their products, I am going to run this giveaway for four weeks.  Stop by daily and tweet the giveaway to earn extra points that mean a better chance of winning all these great products.

Tovolo Kitchen Gadgets Giveaway

Click the gadget titles to find out more about these products and see all of Tovolo’s great kitchen gadgets. 

Tovolo CupCake Scoop

  • I am so excited about this scoop.  I bake a lot of cupcakes with my special needs son, Caleb.  You may already know that he has cerebral palsy and does not use his left arm at all.  He can now fill the cupcake tins all by himself with one hand.  YEAH!!

Trovolo cupcake scoop

Trovolo Cupcake Trovolo cupcake scoop


Trovolo Cupcake Trovolo cupcake scoop

Tovolo Crock-Book Holder

  •  This kitchen holder not only holds spatulas, whisks, potato mashers, and other of your favorite kitchen gadgets, but it also hold your cookbook open to your favorite recipe.  It even holds your tablet.   The crock is removable, and dishwasher safe, and the base is non-skid.  This Crock-Book Holder is kind of cool, and I think you will love it!

Tovolo Crock-Book Holder

Tovolo Silicone Lid Lifters

  • These Precious Silicone Lid Lifters will keep pots from boiling over.  You will love the colorful Pig, Lamb, and Hen.  They simply attach to the side of the rim of the pot.

Tovolo Lid Lifters

Tovolo Silicone Ladle Clips

  • What a great idea!  We no longer need to place stirring spoons on the counter or on a spoon tray that you will have to wash.  These Ladle Clips clip on to the side of pots and then you rest your stirring spoon on them.

Tovolo Ladle Clip Tovolo Ice a Molds

Tovolo spoon rest Tovolo Ice a Molds

Tovolo Silicone Ice Molds

  • These silicone Ice Molds are extra large ice which means they will not melt as fast.  The ice can be easily be flavored.  The silicone seals tight so it does not leak in the freezer and it is stackable.

Tovolo Ice a Molds

Tovolo Ice Molds

Tovolo Cookie Cutter

  • This set includes a cookie cutter and 3 reversible Ginger Boy templates that are all unique.  You pop the templates into the cookie cutter to make a different design on each Ginger Boy which makes them easier to decorate.  This is a cleaver idea.

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